Peace good folks...Just came to share a thought or two with you....Remember when all are striving for success...for the best things in life. I recently had a text war with a friend and you know how those go...A lot of misinterpetations... I met her when i first moved to Cali. She was a neighbor i met thru my roomates. We grew as friends....never nothing sexual at all...not even a interest in each other. I grew close to her...she got to know some things about me and visa versa. She grew a liking to me because she felt the realness of just being a good friend. Well after i moved from the valley we stayed in touch.During the time in the valley we grew close because of real life shit that was going on. Her ex husband was stalking her...She was finding her comfort zone in the entertainment field....and of course a good man to be with...I even gave her a cool nickname...L Boogie....well after some time we both became busy ...I reached out to her and wasn't getting no responses...which is totally cool wit me then i started to get a lil worried about her...She finally got in touch and asked me to come to her B day party at a cool penthouse spot downtown L.A. ...I went ...brought her and her new man one of my specialty dishes...baked wings...everybody in the apartment complex used to go crazy over these wings...Anyway it was fun and we reminisced about those crazy days in Burbank. Well i called her a few times and emailed her several times about 2 months after the party ...No response...Now i'm not as worried about her because she has a man to do that...I still showed concern but we all trying to make things happen so we tend to get tied up. I called around my birthday and got no response at all...totally ignored...which is still cool wit me...Mann!!! ....this braud finally text me and basically told me she was out of the country for 5 months and i need to understand she is was and still too busy to call...mind yall that i was the one that apartment sat for her sometimes because her ex husband was stalking her so i made my presence known. I apartment sat for her when she went away...i would hit parties with her and my presence made cats she was interested in at least show some respect if she's trying to get at them....real friend ..big brother shit..
FIRST OF ALL...i been going out of the country for 15 years now...i made 3 sucessful albums in a group..then about 5 singles and 3 albums on my own....NEVER GET TOO BUSY TO CALL LOVED ONES...FAMILY AND REAL FRIENDS IS PART OF YA EVERYDAY...YOUR EXISTENCE....ONCE THAT IS GONE U BASICALLY HAVE NOTHING...i called friends from Japan. Brazil, Amsterdam just because i appreciate them...for just being true and for the things they done for me...or things they shared....All these things help you grow as a person...So I told her erase me if you're too busy to call for 30 secs....leave me if you can't email me in 1 minute..
We all reaching for the best in life...but she hasent been to a third of the places i been ...and some of you know how long i been in the game ...travelling ...performing....grinding
I always find time for the ones that impact my life...That's why the songs come out so hot!!!
So to that so called friend MISS ME WITH THAT BULLSHIT....Let's proceed to keep building people....get at me...P