I remember years ago when aol was king ..and IMing was the hottest thing going on the internet. I met a real cool young lady who was using her niece's picture as her profile pic. About a year later we connected and she wasn't as bad looking as i imagined or she made it out to be...but her compulsive lack of confidence and self esteem pushed me away long before we met up. She spent too much time questioning everything instead of just accepting self dislikes most of us have. At times we are our own worse critics... Now.. still have the same issue at hand...
Recognize how a lot of folks take pictures from the neck up ?????
They have 23 photos posted and they're all from the neck up.....just from different sides of their face ? ..Well ..i know it has a lot to do with self esteem. Some folks are simply dissatisfied with their shape ..whether it's aging, laziness, ailments or having children. Some folks are even dissatisfied with their look...but if these folks plan on getting a new start on life, new friends, new exciting activities, leaving the negative has to start with self in the heart, mind and soul. Personally i know this world wouldn't be the same without big people..  plus sizes...thickness..whatever you prefer to label it
Love thy self !!! ... God is the ONLY perfect...  He gave us all flaws and quirks to live with probably to keep us a lil humble... I love to see folks out feeling good and enjoying life..but i laugh at women who think they're too good for me. One of their eyes and feet is bigger than the other just like the rest of us so...
on that note loved ones...Love yaself and appreciate those who love you for you...and live! ..why???


No Cartoons in Character...

Today i was sittng up in bed looking at the news and the dense fog that hoovered over southern cali. It had me thinking about some folks back home in New York. It was good to see them after so many years at the BB Kings show in NYC september but it was also an interesting, appreciated experience. We all evolve as humans...but the soul remains the same. Travelling is one of the best professors of communication, history, trade and human behavior. So 2 things i know about is people and money. I find it easier to deal with people these days because i learned how to focus on action and character. We're living in perilous times where greed is beyond an addiction, corrupt business is standard, young families lack love and loyalty within a system that's totally desensitized to suffering of the less fortunate. Frustration these days is abundant amoungst many causing business deals to sour, family members to distrust and health issues to rise. We as good people have to learn how to read character. Limiting the amount of negativity around you will give you a longer healthier prosperous life and needed patience to deal with people and challenges. Desperate times create desperate people thus slowly depleting loyalty, faith and honor in society.When i see some type of turmoil or slight disturbance in one's behavior i take a few things into consideration... what's being said...what's being done..where it's being done...and why  ...
Imbalance...not being stable..eventually show a person's true character..... especially when one's intentions is bad.. Downplaying your character, being simple and humble will eventually make these individuals or the negative powers that be feel like it's time to seize the moment and take advantage. I been using this method for years and it feels like it's a tad bit easier to deal with life on a whole. I watched those i shared sooo much with, individuals i shared monies and gave opportunities to change, talk about me and become stagnant and bitter at life itself... That's where you have to accept change....can't let one or two put the village and what it stands for in jeopardy. It's sad that the times got folks snapping at hands that fed them...we all ask why...
Life is suppose to be so much more enjoyable for many. Learn how to make it more enjoyable for you and yours no matter what. Reading characters get you to your goals faster, saves you precious time and helps avoid plenty unnecessary stress.
EXAMPLE: and this is just MY opinion...
I don't think O.J did it...not because he's black!!! ..and i never liked the dude...but im from a hood where everybody knows somone who committed a violent crime. Indviduals that can give you a cold feeling when they're nothing matters. O.J wasn't agressive as a football player..he was fast but he wasn't the type to get excited and scream in the opponent's face. He used to act a lil uppity and didn't seem like he wanted to get dirty in the game. Jim Brown yes....O.J. no!
to STAB... 2 PEOPLE...CONSECUTIVELY....OVER 20 TIMES IS MENTALLY IN ANOTHER PLACE...whether they're gangsters or mentally disturbed... flesh and blood squirting all over the place!!!
His character showed me that his home was dysfunctional...he was a pawn in plot and it had a lot to do with someone being owed money.... his wife had a very serious cocaine problem...hanging out in his home with a male friend... and last but not least
and that's just my opinion....who's telling the truth since we weren't there ??? ...all i can do is look at his CHARACTER.....i just love good people... no matter white, asian, gay, don't matter
It's definitely time to evolve new exciting life and love

We all are animated in some sort of way....but there's no cartoons in character
                                                             GET @ ME.....P


Jewels 4 the mature grown n sexy!!!

1.I am not him just like you're not her...So no matter how many cornballs u encountered b4 me, its not my job to heal u or fix it...but to inspire and comfort u while u nurse yaself back.

2. Chivalry is not dead..but dont be a hypocrite and call a dude corny because he's holding the door open 4 u..or showing u respect by taking it a lil slow...or got a hooptie as a car...hell!!...long as it runs well...lolol

3. And don't be stupid thinking all men just think about their orgasms and getting off...and don't care about pleasing you...There's nothing like a woman being pleased so much that she looks at you confused, reaching for things that aren't there, not knowing what to do but explode..I want multi -orgasms if i can find them.

4. If you're married and I hear you say " man i asked my wife for oral sex last night and she said no!" ...Then yall both married the wrong person because its something u shouldn't have to ask for ..and it something she shouldnt make u treat as an item in a dam store!!!'s about vibes, passion, fire and straight up realness...and of course love

5.If a woman is not married or frontin to claim it, dating 3 men but sleeping wit one...maybe 2.. should'nt be considered a whore if she's not leading nobody on...dudes be getting too open and whipped when the tables are turned and women play the field!!

6. Fellas if you holla at her...and she turns you down...don't be a hypocrite and call her a B#!ch...maybe she likes lightskinned short bald headed dudes and u happen to be dark, tall and have braids's not a man's job to have to try and constantly figure out what yall want...give better hints when you have interest and possibly wanna really get nasty this way we don't get catagorized with all these perverted nutballs out here in the world

8. Don't judge a book by its cover...i only wear a lil jewelry because i lost enough of it over the years and i never cared for chains around my neck..Some see the fire when they look into my eyes...and some pass me by not knowing ill give em a night we both won't never forget...

as Sam Jackson said in shaft...It is my duty!! please that booty!!!...



Peace good folks ...I know stress is in the air for many but i hope u can at least smile on this Thursday none of us was promised to see. I was reminiscing about when i worked for this ambulette company for a very short time. About 2 days before i quit i had to pick up a patient who was being discharged from a hospital. This lady was about 89 years old..When i got her settled in and jumped in the drivers seat...she tapped me on the arm and said young man can u stop by the store for me before you drop me off ??? was against policy but of course i said yes of course!!!
When we got to the store she handed me a hamilton and told me to get her a 6 pack of budweisers..
I hesitated...but she gave me this distinctive if she was waiting for me to say something so she can quickly come back with 1 of those old school phrases to let me know she was an OG...
When i returned with the beer and dropped her off she said...Now imma go upstairs have a cold one and watch the i was saying goodbye she grabbed my arm gave me a hug and said thank you so much for being respectful and disciplined...then she said.....
think about it !!!...............
I pondered on it for months...and folks what she meant was
humbleness is a necessity...learn when to make noise and learn when to move in silence amoungst these savages in this jungle... Stand up for what's right...but remember silence is also a deadly weapon always in your favor... get @ me....P


It's a celebration...LIFE

Peace good folks..I hope these words find you healthy and energetic on this thirsty Thursday. I wanna just get to the point. Folks is caught up elephant sh#t deep trying to keep up with the jones'
I asked a friend a few days ago would she get mad if her boyfriend didn't bring her flowers on valentine's day. She quickly responded and said that he would be out the door! Then i asked her why and she said because that's the most important day to show your loved one how much u appreciate them. Then i said explain the history of st. valentine and this naked baby with wings to me so i can understand ....and she couldn't.. Then i asked her...what about that dreadful day where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, traffic is horrible, u get to work and your boss is really working ya nerves and it seem like the world's walls is crashing in on you... you feel like your life needs a change.
Your boyfriend calls you at lunch and u explain how u feel... later you return home...
He has flowers sitting so pretty in a beautiful vase...he has dinner hot n waiting for you...some nice jazz music in the background..he greets you with a kiss on the forehead, each cheek then softly on the lips...Then he says to you...It's only one u still are a remarkable're a queen...and nobody can stop you from evolving and accomplishing great things..
You have a beautiful dinner...he pampers you with caresses and make passionate love...Now you're almost guaranteed to wake up to beautiful morning and a brand new start
Your life itself is a celebration...everyday is a blessing...and should live it by your standards...thru God's mercy and love.....get at me aliens,robots and loved ones !!!