No Cartoons in Character...

Today i was sittng up in bed looking at the news and the dense fog that hoovered over southern cali. It had me thinking about some folks back home in New York. It was good to see them after so many years at the BB Kings show in NYC september but it was also an interesting, appreciated experience. We all evolve as humans...but the soul remains the same. Travelling is one of the best professors of communication, history, trade and human behavior. So 2 things i know about is people and money. I find it easier to deal with people these days because i learned how to focus on action and character. We're living in perilous times where greed is beyond an addiction, corrupt business is standard, young families lack love and loyalty within a system that's totally desensitized to suffering of the less fortunate. Frustration these days is abundant amoungst many causing business deals to sour, family members to distrust and health issues to rise. We as good people have to learn how to read character. Limiting the amount of negativity around you will give you a longer healthier prosperous life and needed patience to deal with people and challenges. Desperate times create desperate people thus slowly depleting loyalty, faith and honor in society.When i see some type of turmoil or slight disturbance in one's behavior i take a few things into consideration... what's being said...what's being done..where it's being done...and why  ...
Imbalance...not being stable..eventually show a person's true character..... especially when one's intentions is bad.. Downplaying your character, being simple and humble will eventually make these individuals or the negative powers that be feel like it's time to seize the moment and take advantage. I been using this method for years and it feels like it's a tad bit easier to deal with life on a whole. I watched those i shared sooo much with, individuals i shared monies and gave opportunities to change, talk about me and become stagnant and bitter at life itself... That's where you have to accept change....can't let one or two put the village and what it stands for in jeopardy. It's sad that the times got folks snapping at hands that fed them...we all ask why...
Life is suppose to be so much more enjoyable for many. Learn how to make it more enjoyable for you and yours no matter what. Reading characters get you to your goals faster, saves you precious time and helps avoid plenty unnecessary stress.
EXAMPLE: and this is just MY opinion...
I don't think O.J did it...not because he's black!!! ..and i never liked the dude...but im from a hood where everybody knows somone who committed a violent crime. Indviduals that can give you a cold feeling when they're nothing matters. O.J wasn't agressive as a football player..he was fast but he wasn't the type to get excited and scream in the opponent's face. He used to act a lil uppity and didn't seem like he wanted to get dirty in the game. Jim Brown yes....O.J. no!
to STAB... 2 PEOPLE...CONSECUTIVELY....OVER 20 TIMES IS MENTALLY IN ANOTHER PLACE...whether they're gangsters or mentally disturbed... flesh and blood squirting all over the place!!!
His character showed me that his home was dysfunctional...he was a pawn in plot and it had a lot to do with someone being owed money.... his wife had a very serious cocaine problem...hanging out in his home with a male friend... and last but not least
and that's just my opinion....who's telling the truth since we weren't there ??? ...all i can do is look at his CHARACTER.....i just love good people... no matter white, asian, gay, don't matter
It's definitely time to evolve new exciting life and love

We all are animated in some sort of way....but there's no cartoons in character
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