Jewels 4 the mature grown n sexy!!!

1.I am not him just like you're not her...So no matter how many cornballs u encountered b4 me, its not my job to heal u or fix it...but to inspire and comfort u while u nurse yaself back.

2. Chivalry is not dead..but dont be a hypocrite and call a dude corny because he's holding the door open 4 u..or showing u respect by taking it a lil slow...or got a hooptie as a car...hell!!...long as it runs well...lolol

3. And don't be stupid thinking all men just think about their orgasms and getting off...and don't care about pleasing you...There's nothing like a woman being pleased so much that she looks at you confused, reaching for things that aren't there, not knowing what to do but explode..I want multi -orgasms if i can find them.

4. If you're married and I hear you say " man i asked my wife for oral sex last night and she said no!" ...Then yall both married the wrong person because its something u shouldn't have to ask for ..and it something she shouldnt make u treat as an item in a dam store!!!'s about vibes, passion, fire and straight up realness...and of course love

5.If a woman is not married or frontin to claim it, dating 3 men but sleeping wit one...maybe 2.. should'nt be considered a whore if she's not leading nobody on...dudes be getting too open and whipped when the tables are turned and women play the field!!

6. Fellas if you holla at her...and she turns you down...don't be a hypocrite and call her a B#!ch...maybe she likes lightskinned short bald headed dudes and u happen to be dark, tall and have braids's not a man's job to have to try and constantly figure out what yall want...give better hints when you have interest and possibly wanna really get nasty this way we don't get catagorized with all these perverted nutballs out here in the world

8. Don't judge a book by its cover...i only wear a lil jewelry because i lost enough of it over the years and i never cared for chains around my neck..Some see the fire when they look into my eyes...and some pass me by not knowing ill give em a night we both won't never forget...

as Sam Jackson said in shaft...It is my duty!! please that booty!!!...