One hand washes the other,Both hands washes the Face!

Before i go any further....I want you all to check the video on my facebook man slim sent me a video of me...biggie ...puffy ...harve who runs bad boy and slim himself and a host of other cats...It's a great reminder of how far i've come....folks we all want more...but you have to be truly grateful for how far you've come so those great things can continue coming...NOW....i said one hand washes the other both washes the fac because a lot of cats is hustlin backwards.....Don't ask me to jump on a song with you or jump on ya beat for free!!! ...Why??? ...because ya ass is gonna turn around and print my name on the c.d...maybe even put my picture on the cover to sell and make money off of it....U can eat but i can't ??? off my own name ??? What kind of yak shit is that ??? ....We are here to help each other!!!..that's why it's things i can do that you can't...and it's things you can do that i can't ....stubborness bein shysty stops growth in maturity and business!!!WE ARE EACH OTHERS on that note...when i offer homie prices on verses...I do it hoping you WILL use my name and my skills to gain national attention...and of course make MONEY...IF I PUT A LOAF OF BREAD ON YOUR TABLE ...THEN I HAVE A PLACE TO MAKE A QUICK SANDWICH !!! ...BREAK BREAD WIT ya REAL FOLKS around u AND STOP BEING GREEDY... NOW...HOMIE PRICES is in effect for verses... or whole songs.. over your beat ...HOMIE PRICES for hosting mix c.d's shows and parties..and those who know me knows i be clowning and having the jumpoff jumping off!!! ...I do consulting for new artist...artist development...and now i'm even recruiting and training people (who don't rhyme or make beats) to be strategic successful show promoters ...we need real live show promoters back in the game.....big ups to fatima in d.c and dan in s.c I'M Just keeping it spicy or should i say real...homie prices is my way of reaching out and helping some of you who r truly talented and the same time i can keep my gas and lights on...and that's REAL TALK...GET AT ME ....Pp.s. ...don't ever think the few bucks i charge you for my verse is really feeding i got grown folk bills...shiiiit ...i need at least 100 grand to get my new ideas off the ground..and imma get it soon !!!..stay focused loved ones ..P