It's a celebration...LIFE

Peace good folks..I hope these words find you healthy and energetic on this thirsty Thursday. I wanna just get to the point. Folks is caught up elephant sh#t deep trying to keep up with the jones'
I asked a friend a few days ago would she get mad if her boyfriend didn't bring her flowers on valentine's day. She quickly responded and said that he would be out the door! Then i asked her why and she said because that's the most important day to show your loved one how much u appreciate them. Then i said explain the history of st. valentine and this naked baby with wings to me so i can understand ....and she couldn't.. Then i asked her...what about that dreadful day where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, traffic is horrible, u get to work and your boss is really working ya nerves and it seem like the world's walls is crashing in on you... you feel like your life needs a change.
Your boyfriend calls you at lunch and u explain how u feel... later you return home...
He has flowers sitting so pretty in a beautiful vase...he has dinner hot n waiting for you...some nice jazz music in the background..he greets you with a kiss on the forehead, each cheek then softly on the lips...Then he says to you...It's only one u still are a remarkable're a queen...and nobody can stop you from evolving and accomplishing great things..
You have a beautiful dinner...he pampers you with caresses and make passionate love...Now you're almost guaranteed to wake up to beautiful morning and a brand new start
Your life itself is a celebration...everyday is a blessing...and should live it by your standards...thru God's mercy and love.....get at me aliens,robots and loved ones !!!